The processing volume of ATA documents for national customs has nearly doubled

29 2024/3

image.pngA high-end medical device worth 200000 yuan - a shear wave tissue quantitative ultrasound diagnostic instrument - has recently been successfully released from the capital airport customs with ATA documentation. After the on-site customs officers opened the "green channel", verified the contents filled in the documents and completed the endorsement, the instrument was transported to Japan as a commercial sample with zero waiting time for customs clearance, to participate in the annual meeting of the Asia Pacific Liver Disease Research Association.

As the holder of the certificate for the shipment, Xia Ke, the Commerce Department Commissioner of Wuxi Hiskeer Medical Technology Co., Ltd., stated that the ATA document book has become an important choice for enterprises to participate in exhibitions abroad. "The use of ATA documentation can bring great convenience to business operations. It can effectively reduce transportation time and cost, making enterprises more competitive in the international market."

On March 26th, a reporter from China Trade News learned from the National ATA Verification Center established in Beijing Customs that in the first two months of this year, the national customs handled a total of 3485 ATA documents, a year-on-year increase of 97%, with a value of 548 million US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 24%. Among them, ATA documents issued by foreign chambers of commerce come from 40 countries and regions, mainly including Hong Kong, China, the United States, France, Japan, and Sri Lanka. The largest number of ATA documents were used for exhibitions, trade shows, and exchange events, with a total of 1072 copies, a year-on-year increase of 73%.

It is understood that the ATA document book is an internationally recognized customs clearance document specially created by the World Customs Organization for temporary import and export of goods. As an internationally unified customs document, ATA documentation has advantages such as exemption from filling out customs declaration forms, no restrictions on customs declaration qualifications, exemption from handling import tax guarantees, exemption from submitting inspection permits, and language uniformity, providing a "fast track" for the global flow of temporary inbound and outbound goods.

"The ATA certificate book has shown a significant growth trend since the beginning of the year, indicating that China's" smart manufacturing "is showing stronger attraction and new quality productivity is accelerating its formation." Yin Zhe, the head of the National ATA Verification Center, said that currently, "exhibits", "commercial samples", "professional equipment", "sports equipment" and other items can enter and exit the country through the ATA certificate book. The validity period of temporary inbound and outbound goods under the ATA document book endorsed by the customs is also extended from 6 months to be consistent with the validity period of the document book, generally one year

The reporter learned that Beijing is the first port in China to pilot the global ATA document book electronic system. When the holder enters or exits from Beijing Port, they only need to present the QR code in the ATA document book app to the customs. The on-site staff of the customs can access the electronic data of the ATA carnet from the system after using the tablet computer to scan, and can release after completing the electronic endorsement after the audit.

Zhang Fang, Director of the Postal Department of Beijing Customs, introduced that the electronic document book has achieved real-time interaction of electronic data in the global ATA document book, which can optimize the customs clearance process to the maximum extent, improve customs clearance efficiency, and provide support for the construction of the Beijing International Exchange Center and Science and Technology Innovation Center.


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