The Eurasian Economic Summit calls on countries around the world to work together to solve global problems

23 2024/2


The 27th Eurasian Economic Summit opened in Istanbul, Türkiye on the 21st, and all participants called for joint efforts to find solutions to regional conflicts, climate change, energy shortages and other problems. The Summit specially set up the theme forum of "jointly building the the Belt and Road to usher in the 11th year".

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Türkiye sent a congratulatory message to the event, pointing out that conflict and war may lead to global economic recession, and all countries need to face and solve it together.

The President of Marmara Foundation, a well-known think tank in Türkiye, said at the opening ceremony that the world is experiencing serious challenges such as regional conflicts, climate change and stagnant economic development, and the international community should strengthen dialogue and cooperation. He also pointed out that the joint construction of the "the Belt and Road" initiative will make an important contribution to the world's future of peace, solidarity and cooperation.

The current Eurasian Economic Summit is a two-day event hosted by the Marmara Foundation, with over 300 political, business, and academic figures from around 40 countries participating.


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