Visiting the China Europe Express - Import "New Year Goods" with High Consumption

6 2024/2


Approaching the Spring Festival, rushing to purchase imported New Year goods is becoming a scenic spot for people on their way back home——

On January 26th, the Spring Festival travel festival kicked off, and the China Europe freight train import bonded store located in Beijing Railway Station officially opened to welcome customers. This is the first attempt by Beijing Railway to introduce imported product sales points within the station, with over 80 square meters of small shops crowded with enthusiastic returning passengers.

"Be sure to buy something, otherwise it feels a bit 'lost'." Qian Ying squatted in front of the imported sugar clever shelf, selecting products while having a video call with her daughter. "There's a 'crystal' sugar box here, do you want it? Or buy the 'little train' next to it?"

Qian Ying is a migrant worker in Beijing who is preparing to return home for the Chinese New Year. "My hometown is Jinhua, Hangzhou, and our Jinhua ham is so famous! Every year when I come to Beijing, I bring some Jinhua ham. And every year when I return home, I also bring many Beijing specialties back." Qian Ying pointed to her suitcase and told reporters that it was the New Year's goods she had purchased. "They are all common Beijing specialties, and it cost more than 500 yuan in total.".

"I stumbled upon this shop while waiting for the bus, and upon entering, it was all 'foreign' goods!" Qian Ying smiled and said.

After more than 10 minutes of video call, Qian Ying finally chose an Italian chocolate. The cartoon rabbit shape was favored by her daughter, and the red and festive packaging also made Qian Ying feel very suitable for the New Year atmosphere. She bought six boxes in one go. "There are four cousins and one cousin at home, and everyone should have gifts," Qian Ying said with a smile.

A long queue formed in front of the cashier, accompanied by a beep, and Qian Ying used the payment code to complete the checkout. "I feel that the price is completely acceptable," Qian Yingle said happily. "Life is getting better and better now, with a wider range of choices for New Year's goods and more people buying imported products. Not only is it delicious, but it also has' noodles'!"

The reporter found in the store that the frequency of restocking on Tangqiao shelves is very high. To ensure timely supply, the store's storage cabinets are refilled with best-selling products every morning. "Some imported products sell very quickly, and often the shelves are sold out within a short period of time, requiring dedicated personnel to monitor and replenish goods in a timely manner." Hao Xiuli is one of the dedicated tally clerks in the store. She used to work in traditional supermarkets in China, but now her job responsibilities have undergone some changes.

"The products we face every day are different." Hao Xiuli told reporters that the store has more than 1000 kinds of goods from more than 20 countries jointly built by the "the Belt and Road" via the China Europe Express. "Compared to the past, our services are more professional because domestic consumers are becoming more familiar with imported products."

Li Xiaomei is a high school dormitory management teacher who has been purchasing imported products for over 10 years. When the reporter saw her, she was standing in front of the shelf carefully studying the ingredient list of a French chocolate product. "I heard that this chocolate has a very good taste, but it is only produced and sold during Christmas. I have had someone purchase it on my behalf before, but I couldn't get it. This time, I must try it and buy more, after all, it's Chinese New Year."

What surprised Li Xiaomei even more was that she also stumbled upon an urgently needed imported cosmetics in the store.

"This cosmetics comes from a niche brand. I have one bottle in my bag, but it's almost used up and I'm preparing to restock." Li Xiaomei chuckled and raised her slightly flushed face to show the reporter her "sensitive skin", "This cosmetics contains pure plant ingredients, which are very suitable for my skin. Usually, I can only ask a friend to purchase it on behalf of me, and it takes about 20 days to get it. I have been worried about where to buy this bottle when I run out of it these days, and I didn't expect to buy it in stock here!"

The small shop is full of surprises and people's backpacks are full. The hot consumption of imported products at train stations reflects the strong vitality of the domestic consumer market. By my side, this imported bonded store opened quietly in Beijing; In the distance, trains between China and Europe honked their horns and set off. Colorful containers filled with goods, accompanied by continuous "camel bells", continue to write the vibrant vitality of China's high-level opening up.


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